Are You Ready for Primetime?

Lee Beard
Lee Beard

This question came from a realization that many people were on Oprah, which was the hottest television show at the time, and they weren’t ready to capitalize on it from a commercial viability standpoint. We still want to be primetime ready for all of the opportunities that God gives us in our business life.

The purpose of this site is to expand the credibility, influence, and exposure of our members across media platforms and multiple industries through connections with other members and a global audience.

Credibility is essential to business growth. If people don’t trust you, they will not purchase your products and services or promote you to their friends and family which is considered to be the best marketing possible that money can’t buy.

Credibility is the core of influence. If people don’t trust you then you can’t serve them or influence them toward an increased use of products or services that you provide. Lack of credibility, eventually erodes the business reputation that you have so you can’t grow without influence and you will more than likely shrink without credibility or influence.

With issue of credibility and influence settled, the preparation and production of your products or proper materials explaining and presenting your services needs to be addressed. Once your products and services are ready for the marketplace, creating traffic physically or on the web becomes an important focus.

Next but actually the most important to be commercially viable and generating working capital is converting sales. Can you convert sales on your website? Can you convert sales in person? Can you convert sales in a store setting? However you plan to present your product, converting sales is the key.

Many people would say when a product is presented on television, radio or any broadcast media, the consumer will go to the website provided or to a shopping site like Amazon or Ebay to learn more about the product or service and order online.

Once you have a client or customer who orders or purchases your product, a fixed plan or method of follow-up, is essential to your continued success. A system of offering a ‘thank you’ to the customer or client, staying in touch for future purchases, and offering incentives for them to refer their friends and family, is vitally important.

In short, to be primetime ready, you prepare your products and services, you prepare your credibility and influence, you prepare a system to provide that product and service to the marketplace, you have a reliable system to convert traffic to sales, and a systematic method for follow up with your clients or customers.

Let us know how we can assist you in your continued success. Thanks. Lee Beard

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