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^FaithBusiness™ Media is a multimedia platform for our members’ voice and their message to be presented to our audience and the world. It's an expression of responding to God's giving and His faithfulness.

Media (noun): the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet), regarded collectively.

Multimedia (adjective): using more than one medium of expression or communication.

Primetime Network production includes: CBS 50th Anniversary, Super Night at the Super Bowl,  Hee Haw, American Music Awards, Rolling Stones Special, Johnny Cash Christmas Special, Wheel of Fortune, Variety Magazines’ Variety 77, Young and Restless. and Redd Foxx Show.

Live presentations at the World’s Fair with international actor Robert Valentine; Prentice Hall Press book promotion for best-selling author, Ronald J. Fields, W. C. Fields' grandson; paid presentations for Nortel Network, Raytheon, and HR Forum; and international author book tour of the United Kingdom; best seller promotion for a book that became a primetime network show.

Video for President Bill Clinton’s home town visitors center along with international tourism commercials, tourism shows, sports television shows, and sports Hall of Fame video presentations.

Television appearances for authors on television shows include The Late Show, The Tonight Show, and Good Morning America.

Publishing and Best-selling book launch for more than 1,000 contributing authors around the world, publishing a magazine, and a publishing on the internet.

Documentary movie trailer for bestselling anthology book series that included Dr. Wayne Dyer®, Ernie Hudson, Zachary Levi, Tim Daly, and Billy Baldwin.


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