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Lee Beard’s conversation with Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith’s Christian Business Little Rock, AR Journey of Faith

(Lee) Would you be interested to hear about the journey of one person’s faith in the marketplace? If so, you are in for a treat. Because, today you will be introduced to Jeff Smith’s Christian Business Little Rock, Arkansas. Jeff thanks so much for being with us. First, I’d like to get your thoughts on your journey with your faith in the marketplace.

(Jeff) The term journey, is an appropriate word. There’s no finish line and to me the marketplace and faith are inseparable. I feel like God called me to be a marketplace Pastor. He put me in the marketplace and they’re inseparable. I can’t separate my faith from my business because it would compromise who I am. And, I have to be true to who I am which is a disciple of Jesus all the time both at home, at work, and at play. And it’s actually very freeing to be able to just be me all the time.

Jeff Smith’s Christian Business Little Rock, AR Importance of Faith in the Marketplace

(Jeff) So, I believe that the marketplace really is the greatest opportunity for harvest out there. Even more so than the pastor’s having a church. Because, in the marketplace, we get a chance to reflect Christ in a world. It’s often believed you can’t be a Christian or follow Christian values and be successful in business. And, for me, a lot of being able to bring my faith into business is freeing. And, once God blessed, I don’t have the stress of trying to figure out how to be successful. I try to pick wisdom, strategy and all those things covered in prayer.

(Jeff) But, then I trust God for the results and I don’t feel the responsibility for the results. Then we get to be a light and an eye witness before the people. Furthermore, I think that’s the greatest testimony. It’s the greatest way to spread the gospel. You don’t feel the need to speak it you can just leave it out in front of them. That’s what we get to do every day. My wife and I get to do that everyday through our businesses.

Jeff Smith’s Christian Business Little Rock, AR Wrapping It Up

(Lee) Well, I really appreciate that. Likewise, I appreciate the heart of what you are saying. Equally important, I feel you have enjoyed getting to know Jeff Smith’s Christian Business Little Rock, Arkansas. Until next time, peace be with you.

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