Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO

'Susan Abar's Christian Business Branson MO the Copper Coin'
Susan Abar relaxing near the Copper Coin Branson

Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO tells about her book ‘Against All Odds’.

Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO

Today’s conversation is titled: Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO. We’re having a conversation today at the Copper Coin at the Grand Village. You’re going to learn more about why the book was titled Against All Odds. It involves two pennies, a rainbow, and a woman called Mercy. This book is dedicated to cancer patients and survivors, to friends and family. Also, it’s dedicated to caregivers and members of the medical community. This book was written to encourage you and plant seeds of Hope.

Susan would say that no one is immune to difficulties in life. But what do you do when your world is turned upside down and hope seems to vanish? Against All Odds is the true story of an ordinary woman facing extraordinary challenges. And it’s her journey through despair to surrender forgiveness and healing. Susan’s conversation today will reveal more about Susan Abar’s Christian business Branson.

Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO

It was a crisp and refreshing November morning when I got a chance to visit with Susan. It’s always encouraging to spend some time with her and this day was that and more. I first became aware of Susan when Jeanne Caldwell interviewed her on Victory Television Network. Her book, ‘Against All Odds’, and her story of making jewelry out of pennies was initially intriguing.

After the interview on VTN, I had a chance to talk with her on the phone and later visit her small corner shop in old downtown Branson several years ago. Since then, I have had a chance to observe her growing into a new place in Grand Village. And now, she’s in an even larger shop in Grand Village. Along with increasing the store size, she has been able to benefit a number of other people. They’ve been able to benefit from her gross. In the future, you’ll hear more about that story.

Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO

It was exciting to me to hear more about Susan Abar’s Christian Business Branson MO. Doing good In her community has been a normal outgrowth of her business operations. So, I want her to tell you some of her story in her own words. I feel you’re going to be extremely encouraged and come away with Hope from Susan’s story. Moreover, I believe you’ll be interested in hearing more.

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